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Why Choose Us

We are selling various products related to people's lives at online platforms such as The sales achievement we made last year was 40 million.

Corporate Philosophy

Under the philosophy "to think of our customers as the first priority and to contribute to society by connecting people", we will provide people "happiness" "satisfaction" and "impression" through our products and service.

Our Advantage

We have four-year sales achievements at the E-commerce platforms of Japan. We can respond flexibly to customers' needs and pay attention to details so that we can provide wonderful service which major corporations do not provide.


What We Do


B2B Development

We will pitch to major retailers in Japan such as Yodobashi Camera and Loft to carry the products at stores.

Secure the Brand Value​

While we secure the value of your brand and price, we accurately analyze the market and maximize the brand value in Japan.


Effective Advertisement

We effectively advertise the product by utilizing marketing tools such as YouTube and Facebook.


Speedy Decision Making

We will speedily contribute to the expansion of your brand value.

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AOI Trading
Kansei Muraoka

#203, 3-7-15, Kamo, Takaishi-shi, Osaka, 592-0011, Japan
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